Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Justifying a Hiatus and a Haiku

Hey guys!  If you haven't noticed, I decided to take a break from comics in November, despite last Saturday being the 1 year anniversary of Rock Paper Misc.  I've been busy with the last couple weeks of this tri, finals, and all of my creative energy being channeled into my art class and a zine with my friends.  With all of these distractions, I thought I'd be able to churn out at least one comic, but I'm afraid to admit that I've been on an art-block recently.  I started a comic about goats a month ago never went anywhere.  It died at the second panel and I never got any new ideas.  I still don't have any ideas.  Oh boy.

I know most of us are afraid of a blank page in a sketchbook.  I'm afraid of a blank page in a sketchbook and the near constant dread that I'm not fulfilling my end of the comic creator bargain.  Ugh.  I hope you're not upset or angry I haven't been able to make comics.  I'll try.  I'm going to make more comics. This isn't the last you've seen of Victoria!!! (but right now I've got a cold and have to make, like, 6 needle felt animals.)

And now: a Haiku

Finals are awful
Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh
Everything is weird

Here's a Teeny Taxidermy


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah! I also made a unicorn one for a friend!

  2. Hey Victoria, how are you? I hope your finals went well. If you're around and checking messages, I have a blog-related thing I wanted to talk to you about. What's the best way to contact you? :)