Friday, October 17, 2014

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

How brilliant and marvelously lazy would it be to dress up as everyone else's costume?


Hey everyone!  How are you all doing since last time?  Yesterday was my birthday, so we went back to the pastry shop mentioned in this post.  They didn't have any more bread turtles because it was late in the day, but we still got some really good buns.  

Last week my dad and I went to run a few errands.  We were in a store when my dad was surprised that he couldn't find his phone and thought he left it in a different store.  I went back to his car to go look for it, calling it to check if it was actually in his car.  My pocket started ringing.  Don't know how it got in there.

I love Halloween. It's my favorite holiday!  I love how there's a day to do anything silly and macabre and sugary and everyone's cool with it.  In elementary school, all of my costumes were things that were scary.  In first grade, I was a spider princess. I used the dress for it in 3rd and 5th grade, for a witch and a Medusa costume.  Would anyone else recycle old Halloween costumes?  Now, I just come up with whatever I have on this spot (last year I wore all black and a black beret and called myself a hipster witch.)  
I don't get candy, though.  I stopped going out to get candy after 9th grade and kids don't come to our neighborhood.  But my gosh, the candy was great!!!  I loved the weirder ones you'd get, like those chocolate eyeballs or strange variations on peanut butter cups.  Everything HAD to be chocolate, though.  Fruit flavored candy is gross.  I think the word "flavored" is one of those inherently unpleasant words, as it always indicates that something is of low quality and doesn't actually contain that item.  "Chocolate flavored"? Ugh no thanks.  

So I ask you this, dear readers:  what's your favorite Halloween costume that you've worn or seen?  Are you going to dress up this year? 

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  1. The mirror costume is brilliant! I always had totally wacky costumes. Like, in fourth grade I was a paper-clip holder. The next year I was a garden gnome, and I wore a cornucopia on my head. This year I'm going to be Tweedle Dum with my friend as Tweedle Dee for a party, and also Jimi Hendrix for the actual Halloween shenanigans. Love Halloween!! Great post, by the by(: