Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fright Music: A Playlist and Recent Favorites

FIRST OF ALL: Every year I make a Halloween Playlist.  My rules are

  • No "Thriller"
  • No "Monster Mash"
  • Do Not Repeat Any Song

This Year's Fright Music:
1. "The Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt" - Disparition
2. "Dystopia" - The ZZZ's
3. "There There" - Radiohead
4. "Pet Sematary" - The Ramones
5. "Me and the Devil Blues" - Robert Johnson
6. "Patterns" - Band of Skulls
7. "Monster Hospital" - Metric
8. "Husbands" - Savages
9. "Big Bird" - Andrew Jackson Jihad

Songs 3-9 have been complied into this playlist


Secondly, this tweet from St. Vincent:

As stated before, I love Halloween.  I've been planning my costumes for the past few months, even though I don't get candy anymore.  This is senior year, and I shouldn't be afraid to wear something ridiculous to school this Friday!!!  Even more exciting is that Youmacon, a huge anime/animation convention in Detroit, is the same weekend and I'm planning on going on Sunday.  I'm split between going as a Night Vale scout, Princess Bubblegum, and Death.  Can I be honest: I'm more interested in the cosplay people wear to conventions more than the conventions themselves, because I don't watch a lot of anime.

Recent Favorites!

Gravity Falls (Disney XD 2012-Present)
One of the best cartoons on right now is Gravity Falls.  One of my favorite things is REALLY WELL WRITTEN cartoons (with continuity!)  This one is similar Welcome To Night Vale, but kind of written for kids. (Ok I just looked up the air dates of both shows to see which is older and THEY FIRST AIRED ON THE SAME DAY.  SPOOPY.)  It follows two twins, Mabel and Dipper Pines, as they stay for the summer with their seedy Great-Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon.  Dipper finds a journal containing information about the mythical beings that live in the town and hilarity ensues.  What the comic creator in me finds super intriguing is how much crap the show can get away with

I live on a steady diet of cereal and TV Tropes

In an interview with the Nerdist Writers Panel (NSFW language), creator Alex Hirsch stated:
I'm sure you can imagine the difficulty of trying to, coming from Cartoon Network, do this style of humor for the Disney Channel.  When I made my pilot for the show I said like 'This show is  gonna be not like your other shows ... if you wanna make this show, you have to expand your brand to include this.'
The point is,  It's possible and innovative to have a show "for kids" that can appeal to everyone.  We can see this trend with other popular shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Legend of Korra, and Steven Universe.


Goat Simulator (Coffee Stain Studios 2014 iOS, Android, PC)
I got a new phone for my birthday.  (I had it for 2 days before I dropped it in the parking lot of the Secretary of State and dented the metal back.)  Anyway, the first thing I was going to do when I got the  phone was download Goat Simulator, the best stupid game ever.  You play as a goat and wreck stuff.  I've had it for a day and I'm almost done with it.  I got the iOS version, while cheaper, I realize now it's not as expansive as the PC version. I'll have to get it sometime.  The only thing I ask of the current app version is that it should have a ton of dumb achievements, as there isn't nearly enough right now.  

Goats = anarchy

Stickers are fantastic.

Love you guys! DFTBA!

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