Saturday, September 13, 2014

8 Things That Clearly Contain Spiders

Mailbox Spiders are my least favorite kind of spiders I encounter on a regular basis.

Ok so this weird thing has been happening recently that whenever I think of making fun of spiders, one just shows up out of nowhere like some freaking magician.  "Surprise, weirdo!" I imagine it says to me telepathically as I recoil in fear and promptly get-the-heck-out-of-there.  Seriously,  One of the main reasons why I like colder months is because there aren't any spiders.  We've established that I used to like bugs and things. I'm totally fine with Daddy Longlegs, heck I'll even pick them up if I need to.  Extra-large Madagascar Hissing cockroaches are also big babies.  But nope. not spiders.  

If you didn't see the last update, I closed the Etsy store temporarily (until my birthday, October 16) so I could work on it.  If you DID see the last update, I'll have you know I did make the marshmallow bunny.

It fell apart immediately after I took this picture.

So Spiders: Yes or No?  Tell me below!


  1. Yes. Spiders are fantastic. And terrifying for no good reason.

  2. YEEEEEES! SPIDERS ALWAYS! In my case, they usually sit on the tip of one of my slipper socks and stay there staring at the world for hours. (By usually I mean it has happened twice, but shhh, I wasn't trying to sound cool at all). Ahhhh I loved your comic so much (and the little marshmallow bunny), you're so inspiringly witty :)