Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3 More Little Comics / What's Been Going On

Just upgraded to a graphing calculator.  I can't remember how I FUNCTIONed without it.



This blog is not responsible for any Halloween related traumatic incidence you cause.


Getting this written on a post-precalc homework Tuesday night.  I'm trying to update Rock Paper Misc once a week, preferably on Saturdays.  The store is still closed for "renovations" of sorts, but I promise it'll have more cool things in it!

Finished reading This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki.  It's the story of one summer vacation with 2 preteens and how they capture the dramatic events of the tiny town around them.  It truly is told following these kids, as the reader never quite sees the whole stories of the novel.  I was talking to my mom the other day and i was telling her about comics and creators I really like, and I showed her This One Summer.  "Every panel is a work of art," she exclaimed as I flipped through the pages.  I recently read the duo's previous book, Skim, and I loved it as well.  It's about a depressed teen and her shifting friendships, and wow the dynamics of losing and making friends are so true to life, I recommend this to everyone who's been there.

Another recent favorite is Maggie's blog Futile Ramblings.  If you're unfamiliar with her, she does reaaaaaallllly good prose and writes beautifully, but keeps humor in mind.  I would love to collaborate with her somehow.

The award for cutest song about plants ever goes to Dogbreth for "Close With You".  Heard/heard about/saw them for the first time when they opened for Andrew Jackson Jihad back in June.  I thought their stuff was cool, and this song makes me so happy whenever I listen to it.  I really like the opening riff and the whole thing is so adorable AAHHH!!! (Also, their Facebook page lists their genre as "Powerkindness" and that makes me smile.)

If you need even more cute, this AnimalWonders video does the job perfectly:

What's new with you, kangaroos???  Tell me below!

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  1. Man, I love your comics. And thank you so much for your kind words about my blog-thing! You're too sweet.(:
    And that song is killer. "Powerkindness" is going to be my new thing. Love it!