Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Living the dream.


Last two weeks of August! Had a few friends over this week and ate way too much candy.  We went to a restaurant that was fashioned after taverns of the 19th century, complete with communal seating and lemonade served with a hollow piece of pasta for a straw.  The menu even had a "temperance beverages" section.  Gotta love old-timey passive-aggression!  Yesterday (August 18*) was Bad Poetry Day.  I love weird holidays.  I'm going to Chicago next week for a few college visits (and museum tours) so the store will be closed from the 24-28th, BUT RIGHT NOW IT'S OPEN SO YEAH GO LOOK AT THAT!  

*I wrote this comic yesterday.  I was going to put it up yesterday, but sometime between inking the third and fourth panels I had a flash of inspiration/procrastination.  I spent the rest of my day trying to modify simple Arduino programs and build a light that automatically turns on when it's dark.  I need to learn more about programming and how resistors work...


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