Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fluffy Dinosaurs and SHOP UPDATE

So fuzzy

Ok cool.  This week I went to Chicago for some college visits.  A friend and I visited the Field Museum and looked at stuff.  I bought a tiny T. Rex figurine and I still don't know what I'll do with it.  School starts on Tuesday, and it's become clear to me that my mascot for the summer were dinosaurs.  I mean,  For three weeks I only wore a volunteer shirt with a Stegosaurus on it and the Field Museum is famous for it's enormous skeleton of Sue, the most complete T. Rex fossil ever found.

This is Sue.  She would mess you up.

Me, a stegosaurus, and the aforementioned shirt.

Dinosaurs are cool.  For the longest time I wanted to be a paleontologist.  I think it's really cool that our perception of dinosaurs is always changing because we're always learning new things about them!  What color where they!?  Do they actually look like how we always imagine them?  And feathers!! SO COOL!!!  Here's a few xkcd comics about dinosaurs that explain some cool features about them!  

For example, T. Rex is now believed to have walked like it did in the picture of Sue above, leaning forward wit it's tail sticking out.  Check out this vintage illustration of T. Rex being all bipedal!

This picture is from the Internet Archive database of book illustrations.  Totally public domain!  YEAH!

Because I love you all so much, here's some more vintage dinosaur pictures!  All pictures below are from the Internet Archive, unless noted.  Also, they're probably horribly inaccurate. 

CAW! CAW!  The original context is that this is just a primitive bird, but birds are dinosaurs so yeah.

Dang I love sauropods.

 I think this is Struthiomimus, but look how cute it is!

Pointy thing with giant scary beak.

This is a Dimetrodon.  It is not a dinosaur, but is often lumped in with them.  

Plesiosaurus ( not a dinosaur, but a huge water-dwelling reptile) skeleton, discovered by Mary Anning, an important female figure in 19th century paleontology.  This pic is public domain in the US from Wikimedia Commons.

I hope you all had a fun summer.  Tell me your favorite dinosaur in the comments!


  1. Wow, so many things to say!
    1- I love the comic. Did you know they're saying now that dinosaurs probably did have feathers? There's a Nat Geo article on it here:
    (Gotta love Nat Geo).
    2- What do you NOT use a tiny dinosaur figurine for?
    3- Sue is sooo cool. I know a whole rap about her. It's amazing. I'll see if I can find it on youtube...... Aha, here it is!
    "Sue's a colossal fossil, oh yes she is!" Enjoy(:
    4- Dinosaurs are so freaking cool. I loved this post. Your blog is awesome.
    5- I will be purchasing this comic of yours once I can coerce my mother to let me use her credit card.

    1. 1. YEAH! I think fluffy dinosaurs are the coolest!
      2. I'm thinking I'll use it for a snowglobe.
      3. OMG
      4. & 5. Thanks and I know that feeling... I love your blog, too!