Monday, July 21, 2014

Stuff At Blue Lake: July 15th, 2014

Every year, I go to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, a 12 day long lesson on music, dance, theater, or visual arts.  I go for visual arts.  This was my 6th and final year. The following is adapted from a letter I sent my parents.

This cool plant which I later painted.

So this is the coldest session at Blue Lake I've ever had.  I packed for sweltering heat but today was around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  My original pullover wasn't warm enough so I bought the smallest zip-up sweatshirt they had.  I also forgot to bring long pajama pants.  On several occasions, I wore my formal uniform maxi-skirt to bed.

Yesterday, I bought an international postage stamp and it was round and I thought that was cool.

The camp store was famous for it's "rice cream", vegan (and misleadingly soy) ice cream.  This year, they changed it to a more-expensive actual ice cream and added a sundae option to their menu.  It was good.

There's a tree than leans over one of the paths.  People leave dry cereal at its trunk or else it eats the younger campers.

The generic dry cereal at breakfast is somehow better than name brand cereal.  I have to find these somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed this!  I'm going to go huddle for warmth now.

Love, Victoria.

Hey everyone!  I've returned from an internetless place.  It's my favorite place in the world, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Muskegon, Michigan.  It' very rustic.
Little Blue Lake.  No joke, we once found a cactus growing on the ground in the lower right corner.  Cacti don't grow in Michigan.

The porch connected to the fiber arts building.  It's fun to sit out here, but super procrastinative.

The elusive reverse-centaur unicorn.

"Euphoniums Rule!"

An HD photo of a moth to give everyone just a little bit of mottephobia.

I'll talk about the actual art process of Blue Lake in the future.  If you have the chance, I recommend going.  It's the absolute best place in the world.

Did you go to summer camp?  Tell me below!


  1. Yea- I went to a soccer camp, because I decided to try to be more athletic (hehheh)... love your photos!


    1. Yeah, for a few years, my mom made me go to horse back riding camp. I hated it, but it was a nice workout. Thanks!

  2. your blog is great i love your comics!!! so much that i drew my own thanks for the inspiration. and being in England our summers aren't long enough for camp but i wish we had them when I was younger I was always jealous when I saw them on American films/programmes...... xxx

    The Creative Outlook

    1. I saw your post and thank you so much! I've never been to England, but I might go next summer after graduation.