Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini DIY: How to Clean The Rubber Parts of Your Shoes

It's summer, so your sneakers will get dusty, muddy, covered in paint, and overall GROSS.  Make your shoes look a little brighter by cleaning them!
Things you'll need:

  • Toothpaste (I don't think it matters what kind you use.)
  • Your mortal enemy's toothbrush (an old toothbrush will also work, just don't plan on using it afterward.)
  • A pair of dirty shoes
  • A space that is easy to clean up, like a sink or a bathtub
  • Clothing detergent

Step 1.
Put some toothpaste on the toothbrush and wet it.  You're going to be using quite a bit of toothpaste, so I suggest setting aside a quarter-sized dab of it to use so you don't have to constantly be touching the tube to the grimy toothbrush.

Step 2.
Scrub the rubber sidewall and toe of the shoe, repeat step 1 if needed. Try to avoid the cloth parts because, in my experience, toothpaste juice is hard to get out of cloth.

Step 3.
When all clean, rinse off the shoe and let dry.

If you want to, you can put a little detergent on a rag and scrub the cloth parts, too.  I usually don't do that unless I get my shoes SUPER DISGUSTING.

I also went on a DIY spree recently and these glitter shoes using this Rookie tutorial!
Disco shoes disco yous!

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  1. I love how added in to use your enemies toothbrush, ur fierrrceeeee xxx