Friday, July 25, 2014

Dik-Dik and Embroidered Badges

The cutest little antelope intern


So my favorite project I worked on at camp was STEM Merit Patches.  The assignment was to make ANYTHING with fabric as long as it had a seam in the background and 3 embellishments.  Recently, I've had a weird fascination with badges and patches.  Cloth objects that mark some sort of achievement.  I created my own badges for the achievements that humankind can do as a whole.

1.  "Discovered a New Species Badges" - The Bird
The bird represents undiscovered species that we can learn from about the origins of life.  New types of life are being discovered in places we've deemed "uninhabitable", and this can teach us about how life starts on other planets.

2. "Went to Mars Badge" - The Rocket
45 years ago, this week, humans first stepped onto a world that was not our own.  I believe that we can advance as a species far enough so we can go to other planets.  With developments like the Curiosity rover to this meteorite containing possible fossils of microscopic life, we have a lot to learn about Mars and the origins of life.

3. "Eradicated a Disease Badge" - The Amoeba
We've come so far in the research of illnesses and microbiology.  Modern medicine has eliminated plagues like smallpox.  The minds of today can make things like the common cold a thing of the past.  (I currently have a cold.  Thanks a lot, rhinovirus (#- n -) .)

4.  "Created an Artificial Intelligence Badge" - The Robot
Programming is an important skill that everyone, especially women, should learn.  Everything is becoming more mechanized, and it is amazing how much more fascinating everything becomes if one knows how it works.  I took a beginners programming class this year, and even with rudimentary skills, it's interesting how everything makes a little bit more sense, even if it's in a language I've never even seen.

Yesterday's procrastination produced this 2 inch glow-in-the-dark Anglerfish badge.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Here's the really good DIY tutorial I used from the Etsy Blog.

I think I'm going to try to do embroidery more often.
What do you want a badge for?

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  1. These badges are incredible! I have the sudden urge to get myself a rad denim jacket and sew a bunch of these on it. I love your style - they look incredible.

    I'd love badges for obscure achievements. The kind of thing we don't congratulate enough. Stuff ranging from coming out, to learning to spend a day alone and enjoy it, to getting a piece of writing published, to being kissed, to watching a sunset, to reading a piece of literature that really resonates with you.

    Also, I love the dik-dik comic. I laughed aloud at it.