Monday, June 16, 2014

SUMMER! YEAH! And a Haiku

Read comics about writing comics, write comics about reading comics... 

The last day of school was on Friday the 13th.  The day wasn't unlucky except for how it didn't feel like the end of the school year.  Sure, having finals the last 3 days of school sort of ruins the feeling, but it was mostly attributed to having the dreaded ACT the next day.
On the last day of school, my mom and I always go out to lunch.  We got udon and went to this little Japanese bakery called Pastry House Hippo.  They had all of these desserts in the shape of animals!

Chocolate Crab, Strawberry Pig

Chocolate Turtle

Well, tell me about your summer plans in the comments below! And now, a haiku:

Let's go have some fun
I would go play outside but
I don't like bug bites


  1. They are the raddest desserts! So cool!

    I love your comics, by the way. They have a lovely voice/aesthetic/feel. It's a little bit strange reading this one because I'm a Southern Hemisphere dweller, so summer's a long way away yet - it's actually just now beginning to get a bit cold (well, ~Australia cold~, which isn't particularly cold at all). I've got uni exams this week and next week and then a month's break, though - seeing as I prefer winter immensely to summer, I almost feel like I am heading off into a similarly lovely break. Once I've, er, studied. Which I should probably get back to doing, alas.

    Post lots of comics in the summer! I'm keen to read :)

    1. Thanks! That means a lot to me :D I've never been, but I hope to go to Australia someday. Michigan winter is usually below freezing, especially for what happened this year. There was snow until April!
      Good luck on your exams!