Saturday, June 7, 2014

Matinees are Your Friend

It's your own fault if they kick you out.

I don't really know what percentage of my readership are entering high school in the fall, or are underclassman, but there will be times when you and your friends will want to go to movies.  Most of you are probably planning on seeing a certain movie this weekend, okay? Okay. It is a truth universally acknowledged that movies are freaking expensive. So I'm going to offer you some advice that I'm surprised more people don't know about: Go see matinees.
Normally when you go to a movie, you plan to go after 5 pm or so and pay something like $10 for a two hour movie, not including an overpriced slushie that will make you will end up drinking entirely during the trailers and feel the need to pee 45 minutes in.
While I can't help you with the bathroom situation, I can tell you this:
Matinees are reduced-price tickets for when you see a movie during the day or in the afternoon.  My local theater has $7 tickets on the weekend, in case you actually want that $3 box of stale gummies.  Sometimes, theaters that specialize in indie or art films will offer student discounts.  I saw the last two Wes Anderson films for $6 and under each!
This has been a PSA.

I leave you with a screenshot of my programming final:
Work in progress.  Or not.


  1. This is some stellar advice since going to the movies is probably the most overpriced activity in the world. Also love your drawing, so cute!

  2. Movies can be overpriced which is annoying. Getting $6 is such a good deal and to Wes Anderson films as well-they are amazing! I love your drawing, it's cute x