Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Event: Deer Portraits have become my life oh deer

Who: Welcome to Night Vale
What: A play/monologue/comedy/horror/drama/radio thing
When: 2014/3/24
Where: Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI
Why: It's a great podcast

Ok so I think I've mentioned Welcome to Night Vale a few times on this blog (at least once) and last week I saw their live show (called "The Librarian").  WTNV posts their live shows online after a while, so I won't include spoilers.  It was cute.  It was very cute. Everyone squeed and screamed and gasped at points where the monologue dictated so.  The opening act/weather were folk musicians Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin (the latter later cameo'd in the episode).  They played some nice songs with interesting guitar.  Now my week leading up to the event was filled the task of painting a picture.  A very specific picture. A new tradition is to give Joseph Fink, creator of Welcome to Night Vale, a portrait of (paraphrasing) "a deer with a picture of a deer around it's neck like it won best deer". I even glued the second picture to the first picture using ribbon, and it moves around if tilted.

The result:

Spot the painting:

Also I've found my love for making art again.  A new trimester in school means a new painting class.  I'm definitely going to make more art.  I'll make a Bloglovin soon, too.  Seen any shows recently?  Tell me in the comments!

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