Sunday, March 23, 2014

Music For Dealing With the Stress of Finals

Ok so I haven't been updating ROCKPAPERMISC for the past month.  The past few weeks have been a slurry of college placement exams, finals, school projects, and sudden illnesses (NOT FUN).  Victories include getting a perfect score on a big psychology project that took nearly a month of solid work to complete and a research paper with sources from only women!  To deal with it all, I downloaded and listened pretty heavily to some new-ish albums.

The big one is Shelter, a split album by Ramshackle Glory and Ghost Mice from Savage Wasteland/Plan-It-X Records.  It's a folk-punk album about how home isn't where you live, it's about where you're alive.  The music feels like a hug.  It makes me happy.  All of the songs are equally great!  (On a side note, Ghost Mice have a very important song called "Free Pizza for Life" and everyone should listen to it.)

The next one is These Aren't The Songs You're Looking For by Will Dixon, though I'm focusing less on the album itself and more of his collective discography.  He's a rock musician and I first heard his stuff from the YouTube miniseries Project: Library.  I wouldn't mind at all if Hollywood decided to use his song "Watch Your Step" in the trailer for every action movie of the next 2 years.  "Life In The Rear View Mirror" is also really good.

There's Suzy X.'s band SHADY HAWKINS, which is probably the best band name I've ever heard.  Their album DEAD TO ME is a blend of garage and punk and anger with a little bit of dream pop and it's pretty solid.  One of the tags is "Feminist Revenge" which is the (kick-butt) gist of the record.

I normally don't play iOS games.  I heard COOL PIZZA was pretty fun, and it is!  You play as a skateboarder and you smash eyeballs and coffins with your skateboard.  It's simple, but addictive. Tettix's soundtrack is pretty killer, too (the song titles themselves are fantastic).

What have you been listening to?  Should I get on Bloglovin? Tell me in the comments!


  1. omg love!
    and definitely get bloglovin! it is a necessity for every blogger!! x

  2. stress music is a must, I've got my A level exams soon and music really helps with the stress!x