Thursday, February 13, 2014

Event: Arctic Monkeys 2014/2/12

This is a somewhat open letter to my favorite band.  I ended up giving it to a security guard, hoping that they might see it.
Dear Somebody:
               I just want to put this out in the world. I can't remember exactly when or where I started loving Arctic Monkeys. It was sometime after Suck it and See, and probably involved the song "Teddy Picker" playing on some Internet radio. That summer, I jumped on the teenage music lover bandwagon, somewhat late compared to other kids. It was going to be my freshman year, and I started taking guitar lessons after I realized rock music was a beautiful, destructive thing and piano was too hard to learn at 14.  The teacher asked us if there were any musicians we liked and on a whim, the phrase "Arctic Monkeys"  found its way out. After a tangle of unrecognizable chords, I rushed home and watched multiple music videos in fascination.
               The a-sides are full and meticulously planned. The b-sides are the equivalent of finding a dessert in the back of the fridge that is now yours to eat. Turner's words are absolute poetry, Helders' drums are on their own level, and they way that O'Malley and Cook blend everything together is blissfully beautiful.
               I know they've come a long way, but the idea that a bunch of high schools formed a band is always inspiring to a bunch more high schoolers. Phones aside, my dinged-up tele is my most prized possession.  Even though I'm still trying to find my musical sea-legs, It gives me hope that my mechanical, jumbly playing can be a sliver of worth in someone's ears someday.  So I would like to thank Arctic Monkeys for the music.  This wouldn't make a lot of sense without them.
               And I have one question for you, the reader, to consider deeply: Why did you get here?
With love, Victoria
High School Junior, Cartoonist moonlighting as a Musician

Who: Arctic Monkeys
What: Concert
When: February 12th, 2014
Where: The Fillmore Detroit
Why: See letter above

I've wanted to see Arctic Monkeys play in Detroit since early 2012, when I had to miss their concert opening for the Black Keys.  When tickets were announced back in November, I made sure that we'd go.  It finally happened last night.  I also learned that I am that one person who screams *ahem* sings every line of every song.  With dancing. And hand waving.  I  tried to find a good place to stand to get a good view, but I didn't really find one.  I ended up having to stand on my tiptoes or jump to see more than one musician at a time. The music itself was great, there was a large feeling of deja vu going on the whole time, like it was really chill seeing my favorite band for the first time.

Detroit has an 11 o'clock curfew for minors on weeknights.  Since the concert was on a Wednesday, they ended their set pretty early. The set felt a little bit short and lacked something.  I know that Arctic Monkeys have been getting more popular, and so they've been playing more popular songs.  I was really hoping they would play a b-side, but they still had a very interesting set.  
Even though it was hard to see, I had a fun time.  I hope to see Arctic Monkeys again!

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