Saturday, January 18, 2014


A few months ago, I bought a book from a local store (one that specializes in contemporary art and those little vinyl figurines that come in mysterious boxes) simply because the cover was cool.  It's called Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! by C. Casey Gardiner and it came out last year from Blue Rabbit Fictions.  It's a contemporary fantasy (I think this is my new favorite genre) novel about a teenage boy and his imaginary friend, and he ends up having to fight paranormal monsters.  They way the book is presented is also very intriguing, every so often, the font will change to fit the story, or a blank page will be presented to draw on.  COOL, RIGHT?!!?  I got in contact with the author to tell him that his book was great, and he sent me back a nice note and a old Belarusian Ruble (It's a banknote with a rabbit on it)!  It made my day.

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