Saturday, December 21, 2013

Busy Week

This week has been super busy. Busy and productive are not synonyms, however. :) It was characterized mostly by essays, tests, and concerts. I got within 15' of Cage the Elephant!!!

It's the time for year-end playlists.  I would say that my song of the year was Pipes by Tom Milsom, from Organs.  It's harder and harder to escape technology.  The norm now is all of this innovation, stuff we take for granted.  It's become a part of us.  This is the song that best defines our age right now.  Also, I've been listening to just a little bit more dream pop and indie pop because I feel that it will become the music that kids in their blue jeans and tennis shoes will make in their garage in the future.  Or even now.
The video's directed by Chris Bingham, who's a YouTuber that I began to really like this year.  He's done some of the craziest videos I've seen all year.

What's also cool is Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast/audio dramady about a the public radio station of a fictional town where all this ridiculous stuff happens and it's totally normal.  What I love about it is that very few character descriptions are given, so everyone's interpretations are both true and false.  Even as a cartoonist like myself, I can't bring myself to draw anything WtNV related.  It has a really weird sense of humor, so if you like absurd things, I totally recommend it, it's not just the Glow Cloud sending subliminal messages to manipulate you into listening.

Lastly, Nimona by Noelle Stevenson.  It's a webcomic that beautifully blends medieval fantasy with futuristic sci-fi, almost as if it's told centuries from now.  It follows the dastardly plans of Ballister Blackheart and Nimona, a supervillan and his shape-shifting sidekick, respectively.  I love the art and as the plot goes on, it gets harder to tell who's good and who's evil.

I realize now that this really isn't a playlist, but whatever.  You know what I mean.

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